Thursday, 3 April 2008

London voting

Time to look at national news, with the London Mayoral elections. It's going to be a close one, politics fans: a Guardian poll gives Boris a 2 point lead over Ken, with other candidates nowhere. Something reflected all too clearly in Ken's lastest billboard, which resembles a three line ballot paper offering the following options:
  • The loose cannon
  • One of the other ones
  • London

Isn't politics wonderful? Ken Livingstone - Ken Livingstone - is painting his opponent as the dangerous maverick, unrestrained by party, policy or common sense. He got elected first time out because he dumped the Labour party to pursue his own policies, for crying out loud. Does he think no-one noticed? But things change. People change. Perhaps that's why this poster, like pretty much all his election material, makes no mention whatsoever of the Labour party. Vote London, vote Ken - the establishment candidate.

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