Thursday, 24 April 2008

By George, I think she's lost it

It doesn't get much more Daily Mail than this

The last living descendant of Admiral Lord Nelson takes issue with Brirmingham's Selfridges for not celebrating St George's Day. She neatly contrasts this with the way they light the building up for gays and Hindus. Specifically, she feels they should light the building up red for St George.

Unfortunately the building is silver. Red light reflecting off it would look pink. This is what they did on Gay Pride day, in fact. Still genes will out. Nelson, of course, held the telescope to his bad eye and declared "I see no ships". Miss Tribe, as the following quotes show, has a similar genius for dismissing uncomfortable truths:

Spokesman: So it's just one of those things, it is impossible to light it up red."
Miss Tribe: "I'm sure they could do it red. "

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