Monday, 28 April 2008

Kingdom of the blind

The Guardian is even-handed enough to print cheerleading on behalf of both Ken and Boris.
Peter Oborne has the blue pom-poms today and sets out to demolish the main, nay fundamental, criticism of his mop-headed champion in a an article headed: Boris is not a buffoon.

Tough gig. But Oborne has evidence and to spare:
I would hardly begin to clear my throat before he'd say something that showed he understood better than I did what I was trying to say. Within five minutes we had covered the landscape. Often the following Thursday's cover story arose out of Boris's ability to make sense of my half-articulated arguments.
Now, here's the crucial difference between the absolute and the relative. Oborne wants us to believe that "Boris is cleverer than me" means "Boris is clever." There is, however, an alternative hypothesis: one which admits Boris's ability to outthink a Daily Mail columnist, but preserves nonetheless our assessment that he is a meandering half-wit. Sadly, but perhaps inevitably, this hypothesis has not occured to Oborne.

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