Tuesday, 22 April 2008

I wouldn't aff him if her were the last man on earth

For those of you struggling with your decision over the London Mayor, you may want to check out this handy quiz. As with every other election nowadays, somebody with time hanging heavy on their hands has collated the various candidates' approaches to different policy areas, so that you can compare your views to theirs. What's quite good about this one is that it offers a "neither" option alongside "agree" and "disagree"; after all, not everyone has an opinion about every single aspect of London's governance, and it would be ludicrous to expect them to.

Unless, of course, they were running for office. In which case, we might hope that they would have something to offer. Maybe not, to be fair, on the question of pigeon-feeding, but on some of the big stuff. So it's instructive then, to look at candidates' who score highly in the "dunno" column. In reverse order:
  • Brian Paddick: 1
  • Ken Livingstone: 1
  • Sian Berry: 4
  • Boris Johnson: 6
On 6/25 policy issues (call it 5 for the pigeons), covering transport, police, business regulation, tax and the role of the mayor, it's impossible for a highly dedicated team of politics nerds (who have even done this for the loony candidates like Vote England) to work out what the hell Boris Johnson thinks.

Still, he's an affable chap, and a hoot at parties.

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