Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A rotten bit of luck

The thing that genuinely depresses me about Smeargate or whatever the hell we're supposed to be calling it is the suspicion that somewhere in McBride's and Draper's minds, and possibly a few other people's, a small voice is saying, "But it was such a clever plan. All this mess is just bad luck."

What's happened inside your head, when you think that is how you get people to vote for you? My guess is a loss of conviction. If Draper and McBride had any genuine belief that Labour should/could win the next election because it has the right policies for the country, they'd have wanted to talk about those policies, and the Labour party. But they didn't - they wanted to attack opposition personalities. Setting aside the moral dimension of destabilising a political opponent by slurring his wife's mental health, the sheer narrowness of the tactic demonstrates the bankruptcy of ideas.

Various bloggers will talk about what Labour really needs to do to get a good showing in 2010. I don't presume to know. But substance, strategy and vision would be a start, and they seem to be sadly lacking.

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Anonymous said...

it is a fact before labour came to power very little was said about policy, much more was said about no more sleaze no more spin.

The problem we have of course when Blair came to power I do not think he expected to win, when he did win he was asked what will your policies be and he looked around for the policies, and Brown said hold on a minute I know lets look at the Tories.

But you know something the emails are just the ridiculous end of a labour government which has very little to offer people, once Thatchers idea ran out they invited her to number ten, when she was asked what would you do, I think it dawned on Brown he was in shit when Thatcher said why not ask Dennis, Brown said Pardon and Thatcher said Dennis my husband he is sitting here next to me can you not see him, it then dawned on brown he was on his own. I suspect he said shit and MC Bride though he wanted shit to win the next election, so off he went looking for smears. I've been a Labour supporter for 40 odd years a lot of wasted time.