Monday, 16 March 2009

Good booze/bad booze

Andrew Lansley clarifies the Tory position on using price to control alcohol consumption :

He added: "There is clearly a need for action. But it is very important to recognise that to deal with this problem we need to deal with people's attitudes and not just the supply and price of alcohol.

See? Principled. No interference with market pricing from our boys in blue.

"Our proposals, which include measures to tackle loss-leader promotions and higher taxes on high-alcohol drinks aimed at young people, would address this without penalising the majority of moderate drinkers. This would seem to be a much better route to go down than distorting the whole drinks market."

Well, maybe a bit of price interference. But only on the chavvy drinks. We all know you can't be alcoholic if you're drinking Gewurtztramminer.

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