Tuesday, 17 March 2009


I've just found the Ambrose Bierce piece I wanted to use two posts below. Which is a little aggravating, but happily there is a new story which marries nicely with a different fable.

The story is here: having failed to follow up on Azhar Khan's complaints of "appalling treatment" in Egypt, the FCO is now withholding full information on how they dealt with his case on the grounds that they wish to safeguard his rights.

A SPORTSMAN who had wounded a Squirrel, which was making desperate efforts to drag itself away, ran after it with a stick, exclaiming: "Poor thing! I will put it out of its misery."

At that moment the Squirrels stopped from exhaustion, and looking up at its enemy, said:"I don't venture to doubt the sincerity of your compassion, though it comes rather late, but you seem to lack the faculty of observation. Do you not perceive by my actions that the dearest wish of my heart is to continue in my misery?"

At this exposure of his hypocrisy, the Sportsman was so overcome with shame and remorse that he would not strike the Squirrel, but pointing it out to his dog, walked thoughtfully away.

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