Thursday, 8 January 2009

Confirming the stereotype

One prediction I should have made is that newspapers will continue to amaze us all with the complete bollocks they're prepared to print as long as a) it comes wrapped up in a shiny press release and b) it's got "news value" (trans. entertainment value). Consider this story from the Guardian:

Even if it weren't completely obvious from the headline it soon becomes apparent that this is exactly the cheap publicity stunt it appears to be, coinciding as it does with this year's AVN Awards - the American porn industry's trade show. Moreover, the Guardian clearly knows this, given its use of the phrase "PR coup" in the first sentence of the article. So why is this news?

The obvious answers are a) laziness and b) sex. But if we instead go along with the fantasy that the Guardian's editors consider this to be genuinely newsworthy, what interest is it they think their readers have in the tribulations of the American porn industry? Are they flagging up a business opportunity? Warning of a forthcoming shortfall in new titles? What, exactly, are they trying to say about me?

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Robert said...

Do not knock it labour might well be thinking on employment for the cripples and porn might be a good way of getting the sick and the disabled into work, ok behind the camera perhaps on in direction, no education needed just a big dick.