Thursday, 8 January 2009

Back to the well

I'm glad I didn't get around to writing about Cameron's new stab at economic policy, because I'd now be in the embarrassing position of telling you to ignore it and go read Hopi Sen's or John Band's version instead. Luckily, it didn't even cross my mind to start playing Uxbridge English Dictionary, so there's no shame in my sending you to Freemania to do that.

So where does that leave me? Well, if in doubt, sneer at a bloggertarian. It's not big, or clever, but it is so very, very easy. Acting on an anonymous tip-off, I bring you this comment in response to Devil's Kitchen's explanation of why his core moral/political principals have driven him to stop giving to charity. Have you ever felt that their probably is a shadowy cabal ruling the world, but that the usual suspects (masons/Jews/lizard-people) are a just a little too obvious? Good for you - it turns out it's the very last people you'd expect:

They're the Temperance Movement. In fact, most of what we call the "nanny state" in terms of health policy and restrictions is basically the modern manifestation of the Temperance Movement, who from their earliest days were strongly associated with the "Progressive" movement and the "Left" in the Liberal and Labour parties. ...

While normal people were all having a bit of a laugh in the post-war period of social liberalisation, these bastards were worming their way into the international and national bureaucratic cloud that was developing, organisations like the WHO.

Did you know that the Womens Christian Temperance Union were one of the UN's founding NGOs? This war has been running for a very long time. They've cemented their position very well, and we're now in the phase where they're swarming over the city walls.

We're up against a very large, well funded, well organised coalition with a long history of winning.

Yes, my friends, you thought the WCTU was a thing of the past. Fools! They merely retreated to an underground bunker somewhere in darkest Kensington, from which they direct not only government policy but also conference call regularly with Kofi Annan. Soon they will wrest ultimate control over Britain from the grip of their puppet government and we will be forced to march in lockstep to the tune of "Father, Dear Father". I invite anyone who doubts this to consider the state of Britain's city-centres on Saturday night: the chain teashops on every corner, sugared-up pensioners brawling on the pavements; two-for-one deals on digestive biscuits. There can be no doubt that that Temperance movement has been winning its battles for many a long year.

Jesus wept.

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