Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Cruel, cruel world

Recent global financial upsets have generated there fair share of hard-luck stories from around the world - families reduced to one bowl of rice per day, and so forth. That's obviously pretty tragic, but sometimes it's difficult to really care about people who live such different lives, whom you'll never really meet. Here though, is one story which absolutely wrenches the heartstrings: how a well-loved and charming women - one who had served her country, no less - finds the wolf well inside the door and making inroads on the vestibule thanks to the disloyal and selfish actions of a once-trusted employee. Read, and weep.

"...her late husband's diplomatic pension of £12,000 a year...She is the beneficiary of a trust fund which owns the house, but the trustees only give her £650 a month...Lady Killearn also has a country is rented out for weddings, but the income - after upkeep is paid - is enough to pay only for her car and the occasional chauffeur."

And all this under a Labour government. For shame.

Sadly, there are no details of the emergency fund to which even now you are clamouring to donate whatever you can afford. All I can give you, in a less worthy cause, is this.

I hope you've been keeping up with your Will Self reading list, kids, because this site will donate free rice to the World Food Program if, and only if, you score highly in a vocab test. What kind of sick mind could even conceive of such a scheme?

It's not all bad though. It gets pretty tough but brilliantly, there a fair few entries where their definition is clearly wrong. How good is that? In one fell swoop, you can
a)stroke your altruism
b)show off more or less meaningless knowledge
c)be a complete smart-arse

It's like they saw me coming.

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