Tuesday 29 July 2008

Virtual success

As we're in a holding pattern waiting for Labour to do something juicy and interesting like call an election or mount a palace coup, rather than just formulate policies and govern the country (BO-RING!), here are some timewasters creative challenges:

1) Wipe out all of humanity with your own customised disease. NB: Madagascans are distressingly health-conscious.

2) Unleash your inner Scrapheap Challenger: it took me c.1.5 hours to build a working catapult, but it was probably the greatest achievement I'll have all week.

Games are weird like that. Last week's greatest achievement was defending the town of Hatra against a besieging Egyptian army with nothing more than 3 militia hoplite platoons, 2 peasant rabbles and one peltast unit. A combination of "not one step back" bravery from the hoplites and (frankly) superb tactical nous from their general soon had the Pharoah's levies fleeing the field, despite outnumbering the defenders 7:2. Sure, from the outside it looked like a grown man manipulating pixels while screaming "Die, die, die you cat-worshipping bastards!" but from the inside it was a steel-nerved triumph against the odds.

And surely, that's the view that matters. Right?

1 comment:

Andrew R said...

Isolationists. If they're going to put survival over being part of the global network, they'll just have to die sweaty haemorraghing death.