Friday 25 July 2008

Ballad of Glasgow East

We are of course awash with comment on the Glasgow East by-election; evidently it would be a gross dereliction not to discuss the whole ghastly topic here. But taking my lead from Tom Freeman, I'm going to impose a poetical restriction. Instead of the limerick, however, we're going to be a bit more parochial. Scotland rejoices in a poet who achieved greatness in the genres of both reportage and disaster lays, and was also a sorry judge of his own talent. Taking all things into consideration therefore, it seems the case is well met by William McGonagall:

'Twas in the early hours of July 25 2008
That Scottish Labour met its grisly fate
For that was the night that the SNP were elected in Glasgow East
A momentous and politically damaging event to say the least
Alas! their sizeable majority was swept away
By voters anxious to have their say
By sending a message to Gordon Brown
That with petrol prices up he had grievously let them down
And so the balance of power shifted to Alex Salmond
Who found victory as sweet as a sugared almond
He declared that the people of Scotland had spoken
And of forthcoming SNP gains in Westminster this was surely a token
Pundits too were quick to seize this
As further evidence for their oft-preached thesis
That Gordon Brown's days were surely numbered
And that by him the Labour Party was sorely encumbered
Cameron claimed that this was one more rejection
Of Labour and called for a snap election
Tho' he knew this was a proposal of which Brown could only have thought ill
He wanted another chance to accuse him of lacking bottle

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