Friday, 13 November 2009

Tom Swifties

By way of light relief (and because Tom Freeman seems to have the franchise for Uxbridge English Dictionary):

"I'm off angling," said Tom acutely

"I'm going to swim to the Isle of Wight," said Tom insolently

"Sergeant, take the prisoner downstairs", said Tom condescendingly

"I'm determined to air-cool this small biting insect," said Tom fanatically

"Sorry, but I've got to let you go," said Tom discerningly

...and, by way of variation:

"But I don't want to eat whale meat," Tom blubbered.


Tom Freeman said...

Haven't seen any of these in ages!

"The next line is 'To be or not to be'," said Tom promptly.

"I'm a big fan of Vonnegut," said Tom curtly.

"It's a long way away," said Tom distantly.

"I've got my degree certificate somewhere up in the loft," said Tom diplomatically.

"I've stopped trying to get my insurance company to pay up," Tom exclaimed.

Tom coughed phlegmatically.

Andrew R said...

"I've always loved ice-hockey," said Tom, puckishly.

"I guess I might as well push the button," said Tom depressingly

"I happen to like these heavily editorialised front pages," said Tom independently

"...but I prefer page 3," he added sunnily.

"This Turing machine could change the course of the war," said Tom, enigmatically.

John B said...

"I've eaten so much French bread my stomach hurts", Tom said, painfully.

John B said...

"...but I like the fact that the French town I'm visiting has free broadband throughout", he added, evilly.