Wednesday, 20 May 2009


I've just recieved my first meme, from Tom at Freemania. Seven things I love, eh? Here goes:

1. My wife;
2. My son;
3. My self-preservation instinct;
4. Using bad jokes as a way of avoiding actually thinking;
5. Making a good pie - meat, not fruit, and from scratch;
6. The snowballing/tipping point sensation when the project you're working on starts to go right;
7. Making a good, coherent argument for things I believe in, even if I know it won't actually change anyone else's mind.

The next step is to pass this on, which will be exciting too, so let's try: Hopi, Don P, Shuggy, and Andrew at wongablog, who has also written an excellent rant about the current implosion at the heart of democracy.


Mike said...

The problem is that as soon as you start including some people, others will feel left out. I mean if you put your wife and son at 1 and 2, how will your mum and dad feel for not even making number 8? Especially if "making a good pie" is at 5...

I think that you should replace 1 and 2 with computer games and sleep. Doesnt look as cool but is more internally coherent!

Andrew R said...

The factor your not considering is "likelihood of reading this blog".

You might think that would be low for my infant child, but he's really very clever you know.