Wednesday, 23 January 2008

It'll never catch on...

Global warming is taken sufficiently seriously now that, in the next few years, mankind's collective response to it will wreak some dramatic changes on our way of life. I thought I was prepared for the collective outpouring of sheer human ingenuity this entailed, but I never expected this. A ship, ladies and gentlemen, powered, if you can strain your credulity to breaking point, by the very wind itself.

I know. Tough to believe. Could it even work? Well doubt no more, my friends, because here is photographic proof:


Tom said...

Extraordinary. Next they'll be telling us that they've discovered some kind of creature which can be harnessed to the front of a car, thus dispensing with the need for an engine.

I jest, of course. There's no such thing!

Andrew R said...

Quite right. And these tales of a blue fire that can be made to flow through wires as water through a pipe - madness!