Wednesday, 7 November 2007

The horror

Tom at Let's Be Sensible draws attention to the Conservatives oh-so-topical Hallowe'en/"cancelled election" poster campaign. For those of you can't imagine the full horror, however, Recess Monkey has kindly provided video evidence. (Those of you of sensitive disposition, or who find sniggering an unattractive personal trait, may consider yourselves duly warned.)

Oh and for the record:
The election wasn't bleedin' cancelled. Brown considered calling one, but didn't. See recent events in Pakistan for the distinction.

Lastly, if - as suggested in the video - there are people who get angry when there's not an election, they need to be assessed by psychiatrists. Elections are both rare and short-lived events. People who get angry at their absence must spend their days crippled with frustration and rage. (Insert Young Conservatives gag here, satire fans.)

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