Wednesday 24 March 2010

What is "fair" anyhow?

While trying to work up some enthusiasm for the budget, I made the mistake of looking at the Mail. Inevitably, I learned that those most at risk from today's announcements were the middle class. But I learned something else as well:

If we stretched ourselves to buy a house near a good school, we were called pushy. So, to punish us for being caring parents, they introduced a lottery for school places so all would be equal. That's equally stupid.

That's right - I learned that the purpose letting poor children go to good schools is to punish rich parents who love their kids. After all, what other reason could there possibly be?

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Steve said...

I agree, that is quite dumb, that's just going to make life worse for the good kids. Decisions should also never be made with lottery, that's just plain lazy and incompetent.

Here's an idea, why not try to make those schools for poor children better? You can't just give up on them forever...