Thursday, 11 June 2009

Mainstream or Extreme?

Over at Liberal Conspiracy, Unity has a crack at analysing the role of the media in fuelling support for the BNP. It's a typically painstaking attempt at getting to grips with a complex and nebulous problem.

I'm lazier. So here's a quick quiz. Using your skill and judgement, guess the source of the following headlines. The BNP website, or the Daily Mail?

  • The Curse of Cannabis Reaches Over Britain
  • Now EU Demands Total Control Over Britain's Immigration and Asylum Policy As Well
  • Exporting Terrorism: A New Dimension To Islamism In Britain
  • The Great White Backlash: Working Class Turns On Labour Over Immigration And Housing
  • Britons 'Lose Out On Jobs And Housing': Race Chief Inquiry Into Claims Of Bias Against Whites
  • The Great Lie: How Immigration Actually Costs Britain Money And Could Cause Huge Social Problems
  • Government Renames Islamic Terrorism As "Anti-Islamic Activity" To Woo Muslims
  • Crying "Racism" - Last Resort Of A Chancer

As a special bonus, can you spot the one Richard Littlejohn headline?

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